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2018     2018    
Northaunt Istid cover


ISTID was supposed to end after part I and II, but I could not resist the offer to release something on Glacial movements records in Italy, a label specializing in arctic themed ambient music and a label I've personally followed since I was on one of their early samplers (in 2006 I think it was) , I also met the head of the label here in Norway once many years ago now :-) Nice people, and now this new album that I finished last year is released 28 february 2018.

Sound and meaning
ISTID III is filled with longform drifting soundscapes, white landscapes as I dream about seeing. The Istid albums all sort of ask what the world was like before man, but this desolation is something "pleasant" in my mind, making this album not as "dark" as you might think for an album dealing with a world almost void of people. Thus, most of the album drifts in a dreamy, drone based ambient fashion with tonal element pushed to the background, songs are filled with the hiss of snow blowing over frozen ground. There's some voices here and there so I'm imagining people have just started seeing the world as it is, and I can't help but imagine this being sort of sad, giving a melancholic undertone to many of the songs, afterall we are the only animals that fear death, and ask what the meaning of all this is.

2017     2017    
Northaunt Istid cover

Night Paths

-Press release
"For many many years I have hiked into the woods, trying to get away from it all. Precious days offering silence and room for new thoughts. Nights spent in the wild, watching familiar forms transform as darkness fall, feeling it stir something inside, something overlooked in the stress and clutter of everyday life. This is my channelling of these feelings, my tribute if you like, to night, the woods and solitude.

-The Songs
ca 1 hour of mostly darker ambient than what I have released the last years, some of these songs are songs that may have been heard before by a few lucky individuals since I've had this concept in the back of my mind for a long time and made songs from time to time when I felt like it. None has been properly released until now though (like one that was exclusive for Myspace.com back when that was a thing!) If you're curious about more background info it's all in the digipak :-)

-The Last Bleak Days
I have about 20 years of experience with making ambient music, doing artwork and releasing albums in cooperation with labels so I feel I have the necessary experience and credibility to do this on my own.

This is my first release on my own mini label The Last Bleak days, only guilty of a compilation many years ago in cooperation with polish fluttering dragon records and for running an ambient internet radio station for many years (that sadly had to shut down a few years ago)

As this is an experiment in doing things myself, I've only pressed 150 factory made CDr in pro printed 6 page digipak with photography (my own except for the front) that is relevant to the concept of this album. If people tell me they want it, I will look into more online distribution and streaming services or go the vinyl route, but for now I purposely keep things small. Apart from the front image by Doug Chinnery, an excellent picture that I think illustrate what I want with this album really well, the album cover is illustrated with my own photography, layout and mastering is done by yours truly.

Only 150 physical albums and online sale/streaming only through Bandcamp.com for now.


2016     2016    

The Human Voice album cover January 20
My other main project these days finally releases the second album. Silent Heart is released on Cyclic law records january 20 after some delays. An album I'm very proud of, a much more personal and melodic (albeit minimal) album, recorded during the last years, often at night. It is a quite melancholic album, It's no denying. Hopefully people can find some beauty in that too.

Also this is the first album with a whole booklet of my photography.

Click the cover to check it out
2015     2015    
Northaunt Istid cover January 13


ISTID is a double CD /LP release and the 4th full length album from Northaunt.
Released on Cyclic law records (can) 13 January 2015. This release is divided in two parts, both a collection of ambient /dark ambient and soundscapes but one brighter in tone and one darker.

The main idea for his album came after a period when I read about earths geological history and started thinking about time in that perspective. I read about prehistoric climate and arctic climate in general, especially post glacial landforms - mountainous areas in Norway and how they were formed, the ice ages. I started contemplating who lived here and how that was, and then how it must have been before man at all, the idea of this ice age world inspired me  throughout the composition of these tracks.

Delays delays...
All Tracks on this release are made at various times with the oldest dating back to 2003, but these were omitted from the Horizons album (2006) because they were deemed too “dark” for this release (the ‘Barren land’ album (2004) was already in production at the time), but all tracks are fine tuned and completed the last 3 years.
The last album was released in 2006, since then I spent a lot of time on other projects as well as originally working on a different Northaunt album concept (complete with a different set of tracks) with this one on the side. Eventually abandoning the original idea and completing this album instead.

Paka feauturing Therradaemon THERRADAEMON collaborates with other artists to hail Azathoth, the creature beyond the known universe in Lovecrafts mythos.
Click the cover to check it out.
Paka feauturing Therradaemon March
THERRADAEMON does a heavy dark ambient reworking of original Paka sounds for this Ep.
2014     2014    
Barren land Northaunt reissue January

The Borrowed World LP (includes cd)
Split release with Svartsinn. same as below!

Northaunt has one side, one 20 minute soundscape/evolving dark ambient composition.

Go here to get it      A few copies will be available on my Bandcamp also
2013     2013    
Barren land Northaunt reissue December

The Borrowed World CD
Split release with Svartsinn. We were asked to some music for the split LP series on Loki Foundation back in 2010, after some years we are finished and the label decided to make this release available as a regular cd too, and this one is released a bit earlier than the LP (see above) Me and Svartsinn both wanted to do something inspired by the Cormac McCarthy novel "The Road", it's topic and atmosphere is fabulous and quite perfect for the music we make.

Northaunt has one 20 minute soundscape/evolving dark ambient composition.

Go here to get it      A few copies will be available on my Bandcamp also
Barren land Northaunt reissue June

Barren Land 2013 Reissue
Our second album (released 2004) is remastered and released with new artwork. More info and pictures and a bonus cd.

Go here to get it

Cryosphere compilation front cover


-VV​.​AA " Cryosphere "
  Digital rerelease of this excelent compilation from 2006!
Contain a track made after the Horizons album.

-Tracklist :

CLOSING THE ETERNITY : Pulse of Iceilance (07:56)
NORTHAUNT : Crocker Land (06:10)
THO-SO-AA : Cryotesk (09:33)
LIGHTWAVE : Proxima Thule (08:58)
TUU : Silent Writing (07:26)
TROUM : Giascei (11:57)
AIDAN BAKER : Beneath the Ice (10:16)
NETHERWORLD : Kryos (10:14)
OOPHOI : Cold Sun (06:50)

2012     2012    

Northaunt is not very active at the moment...
kalpamantra krtrima-sprha
THERRADAEMON participates on the online compilation Krtrima-sprha , a HUGE collection of dark ambient and beyond, collected by the nice people over at Kalpamantra. This song is so far exclusive for this release.

Chernobyl compilation cover
MULM, a collaborative project between me and 3 other ambient composers. a long and slow recording process culminated in this release, 'the end of greatness', released on cyclic law in february this year. introspective, calm and somewhat melancholic ambient drone compositions.
2011     2011    

Chernobyl compilation cover
Side project THERRADAEMON released the first cd in december 2011. I'm very happy with this release as I was working on this very massive and ominous release for many years, check it out. 4 tracks totalling at 57 minutes. Cyclic Law Records.
File under Dark Ambient

Chernobyl compilation cover

>New Northaunt song released on compilation
"Remember Chernobyl (1986-2011)
Wound of the Earth compilation

Compilation Appearance. 1 track.

Track title :" Tekel "
Format :Flac album
(download only)
Title : Wounds Of The Earth Compilation III

2010     2010    

The Ominous Silence 2010 Reissue
Our first album (released 2001) is remastered and released with new artwork. More info and pictures


Northaunt appears on DeepKomis compilation with a exclusive track made from field recordings from a remote village in Russia where people live like they did a hundred years ago. more info here
2009   No releases. 2009    

dark ambient radio volI
Very ominous, slightly more structured and powerfull dark ambient project.

Compilation CD Appearance. 1 track from forthcoming cd.

Track title : " Et Arr av Lys "
Format : CD
Title :Dark Ambient Radio compilation Vol I
2008     2008    

A Tape version of the Barren Land album from 2004 is out on Todestrieb Records.
On this tape I choosed to include a bonus track,(simply called "Winter II") that was recorded with the rest of the cd in Spitsbergen (Svalbard in Norwegian) using field-recordings etc, but were left out from the cd for some reason.

Tracklist :

-Side A

Dying Day / Dawn And Ashes (7:46)
A Silent Battle (4:38)
Kapp Farvel (3:43)
Whiteout (3:57)
Laid Bare Beneath The Stars (5:14)
Just Another Cold Spring (2:32)
-Side B

Lost Days (2:42)
Varghjerte (11:27)
The Fire (6:15)
Shadows Over The Barren Land (6:28)
Winter II (Bonus track)

The Human Voice

Project info :The Human voice is a outlet for more personal ambient and melancholic sounds.

Title : Exit lines
Genre : Experimental/Ambient/Melancholia
Label : EIBON records
Format : CD
Release date : July 2008
More info : Eibon Records
LINKS : Project home page
           : Myspace

Conceptual info : This album deals with more personals issues than Northaunt. love, loss, depression, death etc



Northaunt made a track for the Xabec album 'Transformed'. The album consists of musicians and sound artists that each remix one of Xabec's tracks. The other artists include :

2007     2007    
-The second Northaunt T-shirt is made. Trancendental Creations .

NoN Ethos

Project info :NoN Ethos was a outlet for experimental soundscapes and ended in 2003. 3 cds and a mcd was made. Only 2 cd's were released, somehow the third album named 'Labyrinth' (composed in 2002 I think) made it onto a russian MP3 site though.

Title : Syk Asfalt
Genre : Experimental/dark ambient/drone
Label : Afe Records
Format : CDr Limited 100
Release date : April 2007
More info : Afe Records

Conceptual info : This album deals with erousion and time. Original version of this album was finished 2003. later remixed at various times until it was finally released.
2006     2006    

-Cryosphere compilation is out on Glacial Movements records, Containing a new, post Horizons track.

-Tracklist :

CLOSING THE ETERNITY : Pulse of Iceilance (07:56)
NORTHAUNT : Crocker Land (06:10)
THO-SO-AA : Cryotesk (09:33)
LIGHTWAVE : Proxima Thule (08:58)
TUU : Silent Writing (07:26)
TROUM : Giascei (11:57)
AIDAN BAKER : Beneath the Ice (10:16)
NETHERWORLD : Kryos (10:14)
OOPHOI : Cold Sun (06:50)




Title :V.A. No Abiding Places
Genre : various
Label : Afe Records
Format : CDr Limited 100
Release date : April 2006
More info : Afe Records

Conceptual info : NoN Ethos appears with one track. A shorter version of the monumental track ISAR from the album Syk Asfalt.



Composed from 2003-2005.
 Released on Cyclic law in a beautyfully printed sepia with photos by Hærleif of Northaunt.
 The music shows the more ambient side of Northaunt. carefully buildt soundscapes,
 based on field recordings and drones. Bleak/dark ambient Northaunt style.

Tracklist :
1 Until Dawn Do Us Part (6:32)
2 Night Came To Us (14:17)
3 Horizons (6:33)
4 The Autumn Sky (4:11)
5 Night Alone (9:58)
6 With The Stars As Witness (9:04)
7 The Wilderness (11:32)

This album also includes a video with a very different version of "The Wilderness", It's been "You Tube'd" and you can see it here if you like :


Check Discogs for more INFO

*the second split 7" with Vinteriket is released on Blackmoon records. after 2 years of confusion and delays. Contains the track 'Untill dawn do us part', a track that by now are getting old as it was made back in 2003, it was originally meant as sneak preview of the next album, HORIZONS, but was delayed so much their release was almost simultanious.    
2005     2005    


*SVARTSINN -Traces of Nothingness CD
The last track on this album is a remixe I did for Svartsinn. I got the original sounds from the Svartsinn track "Form Is Emptiness" which appeared on the "A Final Testimony" compilation, and made my own version, aptly titled "Emptiness is form". size=+0>


*Vinterriket/Northaunt SPLIT CD and SPLIT TAPE:
The track from the first split 7" with Vinterriket in 2002 (Later released on the Barren land album)
and the track that eventually was released on the second split/HORIZONS album are
released on TAPE by Ravenheart (CZ)  and also on CD by now defunct Flood the earth records(USA) 
These releases was mostly distributed outside  the regular ambient scene.

The cd has a pro printet 6 page b/w booklet with wintery woodsy pictures as usual from
Vinterriket and desolate mountains and other pics from Northaunt. It also contains
the track Øde from our first cd.

Tracklist for the split cd :
1 Landschafen ewiger einsamkeit IX (Vinterriket)
2 Until dawn do us part (from HORIZONS)
3 Am brenneden nõrdlichen firmament (Vinterriket)
4 Shadows over the barren land (from Barren land)
5 Landschafen ewiger einsamkeit VII (Vinterriket)
6 Øde (from The ominous Silence)
7 Landschafen ewiger einsamkeit VIII (Vinterriket)

Track list for the split tape :
1 Shadows over the barren land (from Barren land)
2 Am brenneden nõrdlichen firmament (Vinterriket)
3 Until dawn do us part (from HORIZONS)
4 Landschafen ewiger einsamkeit IX (Vinterriket)

Northaunt participate on a 2CDr compilation on VOID REKORDZ (defunct)
V/A - "The Sound of Nothingness", 2x CDR VOID005
Contains a 5min excerpt from a track I was still working on at the time, the 14 minute ' night came to us ' later released on HORIZONS.
*Other bands on this comp :
Halo Manash / Bad Sector / Moan / The Well of Sadness / Pancreatic Aardvarks / Kult / The M.M.V.P. / Vinterriket / Âmes Sanglantes / Totenhaus / Der Feuerkreiner / Desolation Zone / Lidagon Velpecula / One for Jude / Shrinking Cities / Ambience / Cold Fusion / Bisclaveret
2004     2004    
-Late summer.

"Serene Moments" 4 split double 7" vinyl- Fluttering Dragon
 contains 1 different mix of a track from the Barren land CD. + tracks from Nacht/Umbra/Shinjuku thief

3" CDr . One Exclusive 21 minute track. LIMITED 111 :Objective-Subjective records (defunct)
Part of a cd series dedicated to the Watchmen comic.(Alan Moore)
Check Discogs for more INFO

'BARREN LAND' CD :Fluttering Dragon Records
Recorded from 2001 to april 2003. but not released until spring 2004.
Most of this record was made during my(Hærleif) stay in Spitsbergen (Svalbard in Norwegian) 2002-2003.
Nice with artwork, limited 1000.

Tracklist :
1 Dying Day / Dawn And Ashes (7:46)
2 A Silent Battle (4:38)
3 Kapp Farvel (3:43)
4 Whiteout (3:57)
5 Laid Bare Beneath The Stars (5:14)
6 Just Another Cold Spring (2:32)
7 Lost Days (2:42)
8 Varghjerte (11:27)
9 The Fire (6:15)
10 Shadows Over The Barren Land (6:28)

Check Discogs for more INFO
-1 collaboration track with Svartsinn on 10" compilation on Eternal soul.
Expensive, luxurious packaging, limited, etc etc, the same as always with these collector / vinyl fetishist items.
-The first Northaunt T-shirt and a 3" cdr version of the second 7" split with vinterriket was released this year. Both Cdr and shirt was limited to the ridiculous amount of 21 copies. Contains the track 'Until dawn do us part' from the MUCH later released HORIZONS album. The guys who made this later disapeard, and this one is nowhere to be found as far as I know.
2003   No releases. 2003    
2002     2002    
-Nord Ambient Alliance 5 split CD :2 exclusive tracks. LIMITED 1000 :Cyclic Law Records
Other bands are :Kammarheit, Svartsinn, Predominace and Instincts.

Check Discogs for more INFO
7" split with Vinterriket :Neodawn Prod.(defunct). Limited 500
 Contains the track 'Shadows over the barren land', released 2 years later on the Barren Land CD.
2001     2001    
-'THE OMINOUS SILENCE' CD :Fluttering Dragon Records
Recorded from 98 to 2000, and released january 2001. Contains 2 more songs than the promo.(see below)
12 pages color booklet with misc photos and art.

Tracklist :
1  Might and misanthropy
2 Northaunt
3 Der bor en frost her inne
4 De sorte trær
5 Running out of time
6 In rain
7  ...and I fade away
8 Pain is better

This album also includes a videofile with a track that is not on the cd at all, it was not a very serious project but I like it, It's been "You Tube'd" and you can see it here if you like :


Check Discogs for more INFO
  -"The Ominous Silence" Minidisc, (homemade/handmade box, stopped making them after 5 copies-all sold) Contains yet another version of the track Øde from 'The Ominous silence', this version is the original
without Nacht on vocals.
+-Temple of kilowatts comp CD : a :Fluttering Dragon sampler. Contains a very different mix of the
track 'Øde' from the Ominous silence cd, This version has some vocals and guitar not present
on any other version.
2000     2000    
No releases.
NoN Ethos

Project info :NoN Ethos was a outlet for experimental soundscapes and ended in 2003

Title : Hidden Structures, Lost Places
Genre : Experimental/dark ambient/drone
Label : Afe Records
Format : CDr Limited 50
Release date :July 2000
More info :Afe Records
1999     1999    
-'The ominous Silence' CDR promo, pro printed b/w cover, 50-70copies?

Tracklist :
1 Might and misanthropy
2 Northaunt
3 Der bor en frost her inn
4 De sorte trær
5 Running out of time
6 In rain
1998     1998    
-'Når landet ligger øde' CDR homemade release, very few copies, friends only.

This first recording was never used as a demo, it was made mostly to explore what we could do and what worked and not. We recorded everything at home and made the covers and gave it to friends to hear what came out of it. Most of the album is dark ambient, nature sounds, keyboards and acoustic guitar, but we were also testing if we could mix ambient with parts that were more aggressive, this resulted in almost norse-black metal ish parts in some songs. Later we decided to leave the aggressive stuff out, it was simply done before and better by many other bands.

+(all years) ++ several limited east europa tape/CDr/zine compilations.